Vista and... E-Token password request


I upgrade my computer with Windows Vista and I install the new E-Token program version (4.5).
There is any time the request of the password from E-Token program.
The Eumetst send me this message, but there is alwais a problem.
Any idea ???

(Eumetsat solution)
eToken PKIMonitor frequently asking for password

- after installation of EKU software (PKIClient) version 4.5 or later
from time to time Etoken pops up a window requiring the password

- the PKIMonitor is running, however this feature is not used by the
EUMETCast software


disable the PKIMonitor with msconfig
- start - run, enter "msconfig", ok
- select the Startup tab
- disable "PKIMonitor", ok
- reboot the station
- after reboot a window will come up showing that something was changed,
check "Don't show..." and accept, close the open window and reboot

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