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Hello Enzo,

If you do not miss segments then there is no big issue.

My guess is that you do not have all PIDs activated in the Skystar Data services window. Tellicast log window will tell you more.

If (for example) you don't have PID 510 enabled but do have EPS-10 in your recv-channels.ini then Tellicast will flash the icon Red when a EPS-10 file is send. This is Tellicast's way to warn you it is trying to receive EPS-10 but fails because PID 510 is not enabled.

Nowadays it is best practice to enable all Eumetsat PID's
and use recv-channels.ini to cautiously select what data channels to receive.

Arne van Belle

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Hi Folks,
I am noticing from this evening that the icon
Of the tellicast on the taskbar keeps connecting and disconnecting.
I can see the icon going from pink to red and from
Red to pink continually.
Why this?
Ho to solve it?
Thanks in advance.

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