Re: Animator - Black screens

Alan Sewards

Hello all,
Following the comments, I tried using Vista friendly T Animator on my Win 7 setup and got MCI error messages. If I added Vista SP1, the program would run for a few frames then be stopped by the OS with an Access Violation Error. I also got this if ran with none of the options checked and no compression. The only combination that would work was the one I had fortuitously chosen.

Best regards - Alan

a_van_belle wrote:

Hello All,

I don't use Tanimator or TAVIwriter2 or compressed avi.
But this is on XP SP3 (have used SP2 successful before).

Googling on "Black screens" and "AVI" comes up with over 6500 hits !
A good test could be stopping Animator and playing a problematic AVI (stored under images\Animations) in windows media player.
If it does also show black screens in WMP too, send it to me (using yousendit) and I will try on my system.

DirectShow is used by WMP which is part of the DirectX package as far as I know and there are a lot of versions and issues on this!
We may need to move this discussion to Satsignal-list when it gets more technical.

Arne van Belle

--- In <>, "Ian Deans" <isdeans1.-_@...> wrote:

Yes that is interesting Alan.

David may correct me, but if you are not using " vista friendly
TAnimate" I
would think you are running at 8 bit, which allows you to use
When I was testing Animator for Vista about 2 years ago I found that
it ran
better without " Advanced TAVIWriter_2" enabled. That of course was
in the
days when Vista was only able to run animator in 24 bit and required
T-Animate setting enabled.


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