Signal level on the skystar2


Just a short note on the skystar and drivers:

The Skystar2 signal level is software/hardware/driver depended !

I swapped my Skystar2 rev 2.3 for a 2.6B (without any change to
drivers) and level dropped from 70 % to around 60%.
But signal quality is the same, no missing segments other than the
occasional one that others also report.

So my guess is that updating the driver could also show a lower
signal level. But this does not mean that your system is performing
less, just that the software interprets the level differently.

Not that I suggest updating to this new driver !
Although it could work perfectly (Technisat won't release a Beta),
the additional requirements (directx9, Mediaplayer9, IE6) will
undoubtedly lower your system performance considerably !

If you don't have problems with 4.2.2 (or 4.2.2b), just leave it, we
only use a very small part of the SkyStar programs.

Arne van Belle

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