Re: MSG-1 on a laptop?

Nigel Heasman <nigel_heasman@...>

Hi Nicola and David,
Many thanks for that help and encouragement Nicola and David. I do
believe one can get a stabilised antenna system for use on a boat
but it would probably be too big for "Lark"!
However, during the winter season, when not sailing, I can fix the
dish to the pontoon and get it aligned OK.
This gets more promising by the day!
I do have a satellite TV receiver & dish that was aligned on Hotbird
last winter and it worked just fine for receiving "free to air" TV.
It does also have an RS232 connection for sending data to a
computer. Just a thought - could this be used for receiving the MSG-
1 data, with the correct software of course???????
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Hi Nigel,
I got reception of MSG-1 working on my laptop since
september '03
without any difficulty:

So now, Nigel, all you need is a stabilised antenna to go on the
boat! I presume you must be able to get such a thing for
TV reception?


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