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I had a long chat with the UK Met. Offices MSG Licensing Agent on Friday,
have been liaising with regularly this year and I now have - 'hot off the
press' a copy
of the:

License Agreement for the use of MSG data for educational use/a research
project without charge.

It was only drafted the end of last week and contains 6 pages.

Article 2.2

"Educational use" * means any use of MSG data by a school, university,
institute, (private or institutional), solely for educational purposes,
without transmission or redistribution of these data to any further third
party, or
use of them to generate a Value Added Service.

* For the purposes of the direct reception of MSG data, personal use by
private individuals shall be treated under the definition of <<Educational
Use >>.
In such cases the same conditions apply as for educational users.

Which says, formally, what I reported in an earlier e-mail.

Article 9. Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights.

This deals with 'uses' of the data within our category.

I think I need to define formally with the Licensing Agent what we can
do -
or more importantly - cannot do, with the data, regarding such matters as
publication in a
'journal', on private websites etc.

There are about 100 UK licenses pending and the Met. Office hope to begin
dealing with them this week.
I'm not sure if UK registered users will get their license before

You will be required to sign a copy of the agreement and return it to the
Met. Office
who will then notify EUMETSAT and you will then be able to apply for and
purchase the eToken decryption unit and software.

The license will run for three years and you will then be required to sign
agreement for another three year period.

Some Member States Met. Offices will charge a handling fee for processing
licenses -
but not the UK Met. Office.

This December's prolonged test day of MSG data encryption was cancelled
to very few users having a decryption key to test and problems that
have encountered with encryption and Linux systems.

The new encryption test day is scheduled for February 3rd 2004 when all
have their keys.

John Tellick.

Well once again John, you have come up trumps. We ask the questions and
somehow you find the answers....and even better, good answers.
That is excellent news and it is most reassuring to know that the final
piece of the jigsaw is in sight.
Having been 'wowed' for the last 6 months or so, I have had a secret dread
of last minute problems when 'operations' start ! Thanks for peace of mind.

Many thanks again, and keep up the good work.


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