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Could I add my personal thanks to those you have already received
for the work you have done in this respect?

I know that dealing with such organisations is not easy, as they
have defined ways of working, and you have to fit in with those ways
or you make no progress at all. Things can seem to move very
slowly, and it does not help to try and force things along. Many
within the organisations genuinely do their best, but this is not
always visible to outsiders.

I have said before that I think your patience and political skills
in dealing with these issues are unmatched, and I am delighted that
the amateur community has been able to benefit from your talents!

Many thanks,

Thank you very much - praise indeed.

OK, enough gloating.
We need to remember that EUMETSAT are governed by the EUMETSAT Council -
is made up of the Met. Offices of the Member States.
For that reason one needed to 'pursued' several parties rather than EUMETSAT
itself and to this end many of my agency contacts have played a role.

This takes time - which I have, patience - which I have, I don't know about
skill', there are some who would strongly disagree with that notion.
But it always appeared to me that 'banging the table' or making demands was
not the
right way to go about it and would have got me nowhere.

Yes, it has taken time - a long time - but we got there in the end and if you
look at the MSG data data 'price list' you will see just what a privileged
position we are in.

And, there is even more good news to come.

John Tellick.

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