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Yes I could not agree more. My own 'main' computer has just failed
(probably motherboard) and I am now using a single lesser
It can deal with everything but not simultaneously without virtually
grinding to a halt.
It is the small but accumulative things that matter. Hard drive no longer
7200, memory not DDR, memory only 512MB not 1024Mb, processor now 1200 not
2000...all take a toll.
Strangely segment loss does not seem to be an issue, although I do not take
everything and until my 'main' computer is repaired I am taking it easy...
no HRV animations in GSS 4 etc.!
Does still surprise me what is possible with a bit of careful use, so for
those holding back have a go and still enjoy the hobby with a little
computer management.


Thanks for yet more useful comments regarding computer specs for MSG.
Especially your last sentence - that should encourage some to 'put a toe in.'

Perhaps some have been put off with the initial considered requirements for a
'Horses for courses?'
Or, is that oversimplifying the situation?


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