Re: twin ?

Ap van Weeren

Fine, Arne and David, that solves the problem. Two cables from the
dish on the balcony, (without decreasing signalstrength)one for the
comp. one for the sittingroom.
Saw your pic on the list Arne. Will use that in the future as well.
As always mny tks you both, gr, Ap

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I use a twin LNB (ALPS) for hotbird.
Both outputs give the same level over here.
Arne, Ap,

I may have confused things - by twin does Ap mean an LNB with
outputs? If so, my comment about signal strength was wrong.

I had thought that he meant two offset LNBs looking at a single
dish, so that you could view both Hotbird and, say, Astra at the
same time. That way you keep both the family and the MSG-1
enthusiast happy with just one dish on the house!

Right David, all these terms are confusing.

I (and I gues Ap also) use a single LNB equipped with dual output
f connectors) This way you can connect two receivers to receive
the same dish/direction. The receivers can switch independently to
Horizontal/vertical or high/low band without interfering. If you
a 2 way power splitter to "divide" the signal from a single LNB
single output, the LNB can only be used in one band and one
Quad/eight output LNB's are also available if you think of sharing
Hotbird with your neighbours !

And to make it more confusing I have a dual LNB setup, both with
output. This makes it possible to connect two receivers to Hotbird
(center LNB) and also have two receivers on Astra (offset LNB.

Be aware that you do need 4 cables this way !
Advantage is having to place only one dish, giving Astra and
TV simultaniuos with MSG data !

Look at the image 80cmMSGdish.jpg in the files area, this is my
equipment just after install, using one single output LNB and one
dual output LNB.

Arne van Belle

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