Re: Nexus card

Luca Bertagnolio <lucaberta@...>


I have successfully used an Hauppauge WinTV-Nova card during the
summer. Make sure you have the right driver from the Hauppauge
website (probably Hauppauge UK or Germany is better than US, as DVB
is not yet too popular in the US). Your card is much more
sophisticated compared to the Nova, so you will only use part of it
with EumetCast.

Tellique does not talk directly to the card, it uses the standard
TCP/IP driver to do that. You will then need to make sure the card
has the appropriate virtual Ethernet driver installed, and that the
IP address is configured as

Let me know if you need further help.

Bye, Luca
Brussels, Belgium

--- In MSG-1@..., "Bill Maddox" <tobymaddox@y...> wrote:
I have the Hauppauge nexus-s card I beleive its a skystar 1 but not
sure. Does anyone have this card running with the Tellicast system.

Been using the card for sat TV for a long time but never used it
data until recently on the sat at once service.

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