Re: newbie setting up for MSG

David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺

1. I want a system that acts like a Meteosat WEFAX system - to
be able to view a European or global sector every 1/2 hour in either
VIS or IR and animate it. Every 1/4 hour would be preferable but
one has to be realistic. Can I do that and what system spec would I
require - one or two computers?

One dedicated computer (but I don't recommend that) or two PCs
networked. Spec for processing (or single) PC: 1-2GHz+ processor,
512MB-1GB memory (1GB memory if you want to use the HRV or Meteosat-
5 visible channel). Fast hard disks with 2MB or 8MB buffers. See
below for second Receiver PC spec.

2. I want 24 hour full imaging and animation and want real-time
display of any channel I chose. Can I do that and what system spec
do I need - two computer I suspect?

Same answer as above, with more emphasis on CPU speed and memory.

3. I just want to dip in every now and again to see 'what's
going on' and use the computer for other things at other times. Can
I do that and what system spec do I need?

For me, the killer here is "use the computer for other things". For
example, if you start doing complex image processing, making
panoramas, complex spreadsheets etc., the CPU load that produces can
cause missing segments. If this doesn't matter, that's fine. The
500MHz PC below would to that, but I would suggest at least 256MB of

4. What is the most basic computer spec I can use to download
EUMETCast accepting considerable downgrading of the systems

If you don't mind missing very occasional segments, 500MHz Pentium
III with 256MB memory - data capture only. Use a separate
processing PC.

In short:

- if you want to do everything on a single PC, try to make sure it's
a good one (1-2GHz+, 512MB-1GB according to your aims) and expect
missing segments if you overload the single PC with other tasks. So
make it a dedicated MSG-1 PC if possible. Use Windows 2000 or XP.

- if you can find a 500MHz PC for separate receiver use, most of the
potential problems disappear, and you can do what the heck you like
on the Processing PC. Use Windows 2000 or XP.

There's nothing to stop you using the single PC solution to start
with, and migrating to two PCs as funds allow.

Does that answer the question?
Does anyone else agree?


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