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I believe that John Tellick prepared a list of various systems and
how successful they were. Did you publish that, John?


You've blown my cover!

The trouble with old(er) age, is that either one slows down or the clock
speeds up.
Sitting here writing Christmas cards I find I keep writing 'whatever happened
to 2003?'
I'm sure I'm not alone.

Yes, I did ask users some months ago about what systems they were using for
EUMETCast reception. There was quite a good response - for which I'm very
but that now has to be condensed into a meaningful form. Not so easy and
time consuming and what will one learn anyway?

I have to admit that nothing has yet been prepared and is not likely to be
before the
New Year.
I thought it was a good idea at the time given the variation in users set-ups
with recent posts the 'debate' on 'what do I need?' continues and there seems
to be
not one definitive answer.

Apart from that computer specifications seem to get better by the month!

It seems to me to boil down to what do you want to do?
And, what do I need to do such and such.
Several are saying that you really need a stand alone MSG system - that is a
not used for anything else.
But that depends on what one requires from 'MSG.'

Well, let me put the ball back in the experts court.

1. I want a system that acts like a Meteosat WEFAX system - to be able to
view a
European or global sector every 1/2 hour in either VIS or IR and
animate it.
Every 1/4 hour would be preferable but one has to be realistic.
Can I do that and what system spec would I require - one or two computers?

2. I want 24 hour full imaging and animation and want real-time display of
any channel
I chose.
Can I do that and what system spec do I need - two computer I suspect?

3. I just want to dip in every now and again to see 'what's going on' and
use the
computer for other things at other times.
Can I do that and what system spec do I need?

4. What is the most basic computer spec I can use to download EUMETCast
accepting considerable downgrading of the systems possibilities?

Both you, David and Arne have told me of having used quite a 'low spec'
for reception which works OK but that will require a second 'better' computer
processing and display.

Could the current fastest and 'best specified' home computers do it all in
real-time -
reception, processing and display and animation all at the same time?


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