Re: newbie setting up for MSG

David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺

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I am setting up for msg reception
I want to use a 1 computer setup I would like to know if a P4 3.06
GIG hyper threading processor is suitable will it work better than
the standard P4 northward 533 or do I realy nead a 2 computer
network setup.


My recommendation is for a two-PC setup. You can leave the RX PC on
all the time, running independantly of the rest of your system, in
addition, the RX PC does not have to store large amounts of data and
therefore disk folder and data fragmentation will be less of an
issue. For some time, I ran a 550MHz Pentium III for this task
quite successfully.

Many folk here have also reported success with a single-PC system.
You need to choose components carefully for such a system - fast
disk I/O, minimum IRQ sharing etc. Note that the Tellique software
does not support hyper-threading so turn that off in the BIOS. 1GB
of RAM is highly desirable for processing the larger images (MSG-1
HRV, Meteosat-5 visible).

On the single-PC system, what you need to avoid, should minimising
missing segments be important to you, is anything that uses a large
amount of CPU - making panoramas, processing large images, running
disk defrag at normal priority etc. etc. In other words, if you use
your "standard" PC for all and sundry tasks, and add DVB reception
and processing as well, be prepared for less than perfect results.
It's a good way to start, though.

If you have the newer DVB card (V2.6B), be aware that the older
V4.2.2 drivers are the recommended ones, and not the newer V4.2.8
drivers supplied with the card.


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