Re: newbie setting up for MSG

Alan Sewards <alan.sewards@...>

I use a single Athlon 2400+ XP computer for reception (SkyStar 2 card),
decoding (MSG Data Manager), and Animation (MSG Animator) and everything
works very well. No missing segments. I collect HRIT channels 1, 2 , 3. 4,
6, 9 ,12, all LRIT and all FSD plus MPEF CLAI and CTH images. I don't think
you will have any problems from the viewpoint of power, but some people do
have mysterious difficulties, notably with missing segments, which are
currently inexplicable. I urge the use of 1 GB RAM though, and a fast disk
kept solely for MSG data.

Lots of luck!

Best regards - Alan

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Subject: [MSG-1] newbie setting up for MSG

I am setting up for msg reception
I want to use a 1 computer setup I would like to know if a P4 3.06
GIG hyper threading processor is suitable will it work better than
the standard P4 northward 533 or do I realy nead a 2 computer network
regards Peter

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