Re: msg setup help required

Paul Johnson <paul_fars@...>

I am now receiving data,a reinstall of the software cured the
All the data gos into the received folder,i have tried to edit the
recv channels.ini file by adding the lines of text that are in
eumetsats help file but i cant get it to work.

I noticed from previous posts that there was a copy of a .ini file
in the files section on here but i guess its been removed.

why is it important to separate them and could someone send me a
copy of a correct .ini file?

thanks for all your help


--- In MSG-1@..., "Ian S Deans" <ian@i...> wrote:

Installing the Tellique software before your DVB card was
installed is
almost certain what has caused your problems. The DVB card and
drivers must
be installed first as the Tellique software changes settings in
the card.
( That was certainly my experience ).



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