Re: Response from TechniSat regarding software update problems.

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this problem is more or less depending on the used PC, the IRQ sharing and
the IRQ handling of the OS ( ACPI mode)
We always tell our B2B cutomer to assign a unique IRQ to the DVB deveice to
prevent any interferences.
Typical excuse for a badly written bit of software, if it can't IRQ
share it has no part calling itself suitable for XP !!!

Steve Blackmore
If they think I'm going to try and mess with Windows XP and BIOS's to
possibly get an IRQ assigned they've another think coming! The only
other manufacturer which I've had problems with like this was with
Creative and one of their sound cards.

If they got it to work before - why not now?

Having said that I notice Windows XP has assigned an PCI IRQ of 10 to my card which isn't being shared at that level with anything else. I wonder what others have got?

James Brown

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