Re: msg setup help required

Paul Johnson <paul_fars@...>

Hi Douglas

I received my software before i got my dvb receiver so i installed
it first.I did have to manually edit the recv.ini file.i have just
uninstalled and reinstalled the software, this time i did not have
to edit the ini file.Also noticed that in the recv.ini file it says
user_key_crypt so i guess its been encrypted because its now
different to the key i entered on the first install screen.

I will let you know what happens.I need to test it at work as i dont
have a dish at home yet.(very high back to back terrace facing wrong


Hello Paul. Two things to mention. My Tellique software is old
but my
brother has a more recent version. He did not need to manually
edit the
recv.ini file (as I had to do) as it was prompted automatically
during the
program loading.
Secondly, if you bring up the html shell page (right click on the
icon in the taskbar), select Licence from the menu on the left, is
under client identification a string of numbers and letters beside
host_key_1, 2 and 3.


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