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Roger Mawhinney <roger@...>

What happened to cause the network to fail and what did you do to get the
network back up? Any messages? Have you checked the event logs?

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|Subject: [MSG-1] Animator problem
|I have run into a puzzling problem with Animator (v1.1.8.34).
|Yesterday on boot up my main XP computer had lost the network
|connection to the other two, one XP running 24/7 with MSG1
|reception and MDM, the other an IBM notebook logging my
|weather station data. I run Animator on the main XP machine as
|it bogs down the MSG machine with disk activity. It took me
|half a day to get the network back, and now it is back,
|Animator rarely works on that machine. It has to go across the
|network for the image data of course, and this part works OK
|or seems to, as it says getting images and making animation,
|but the Animation screen remains blank. The animations
|themselves are there, of about the right size (88 MB), but
|when run on Windows Media Player they are blank also. If I
|hold the mouse pointer on the screen it sometimes says things
|like "43 images animated of the 44 requested". It has the look
|of a network problem but I cannot see what. Data is being
|transferred as the bad image editor shows the images, it seems
|to be the animation part that is going wrong.
|Anyone any thoughts?
|Best regards - Alan
|Alan Sewards
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