DVB cards for MSG EUMETCast.



At the moment there are two 'systems' depending on which EUMETCast service
you chose - or are able to receive.

For EUMETCast via Hot Bird 6 Ku-Band T-Systems chose the TechniSat SkyStar 2
PCI/USB box route

For EUMETCast via Atlantic Bird 3 C-band Telespazio chose the Broadlogic V
2030 route.

It appears neither has been tried on the 'other' system but I told they
should work OK.
I would be interested to hear from anyone who has used the 'other' card for
the 'other' service - if you know what I mean?

Both require the T-Systems tq(R)-TELLICAST software and both will require the
eToken [USB decryption hardware] when data is encrypted prior to the start of
the operational service in January 2004.

The SkyStar card is quite cheap and easily available in the UK and Europe.

The V Box is another matter.
I have found a supplier in Israel and the cost [10 - 49 units] is US$ 255.
So, there is a considerable cost difference not only in the card but for a
LNB and a 2.4 m dish - approx. prices to follow shortly.

John Tellick.

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