Re: New group - and some questions

Luca Bertagnolio <lucaberta@...>


I would try to see if a 1.8m dish would be enough to receive MSG-1 in C-band from Atlantic Bird, if I were you. Just pure curiosity, as I think that the data is an exact bit dump of the HotBird data.

Actually, I am quite convinced that the Fucino uplink station in Italy receives HotBird, dissects the DVB data and then feeds it up to Atlantic Bird, as simple as that. No need to get into the weeds of the DVB payload, just copy bits!

Bye, Luca

--- In MSG-1@..., Lawrence <lawrence@a...> wrote:
I set up a PDUS system and operated it until we moved to Southampton. I
am only now beginning to dismantle the 1.8m dish because I cannot now
see it being used.

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