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Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2003 3:50 PM
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I have run into a puzzling problem with Animator (v1.1.8.34). Yesterday on
boot up my main XP computer had lost the network connection to the other
two, one XP running 24/7 with MSG1 reception and MDM, the other an IBM
notebook logging my weather station data. I run Animator on the main XP
machine as it bogs down the MSG machine with disk activity. It took me
a day to get the network back, and now it is back, Animator rarely works
that machine. It has to go across the network for the image data of
and this part works OK or seems to, as it says getting images and making
animation, but the Animation screen remains blank. The animations
are there, of about the right size (88 MB), but when run on Windows Media
Player they are blank also. If I hold the mouse pointer on the screen it
sometimes says things like "43 images animated of the 44 requested". It
the look of a network problem but I cannot see what. Data is being
transferred as the bad image editor shows the images, it seems to be the
animation part that is going wrong.

Anyone any thoughts?

Best regards - Alan

Alan Sewards

Alan, when you say blank, is it a black screen you have.


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