Response from TechniSat regarding software update problems.



Please find enclosed e-mail response from TechniSat regarding problems
by Ferdinand and others when using the V.4.2.8 SkyStar software.

John Tellick.


Dear sir,
this problem is more or less depending on the used PC, the IRQ sharing and
the IRQ handling of the OS ( ACPI mode)
We always tell our B2B cutomer to assign a unique IRQ to the DVB deveice to
prevent any interferences.
For example during QA the software is tested with multicast data reception on
all OS with more than 10 mbps and we
did not encounter a paket loss during the testings; even during mouse
In case you do not lose any pakets, I would recommend to use the latest
version 4.2.8, because all support given is valid for that version only.
But in generell it is possible to switch back to an older version. Make sure
all parts of the current installation ( driver, user software) are removed,
before you
are going to install the old software.
Nevertheless I will forward your comment to R&D, just for information.
M. Weber

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