EUMETCast - the future?



For those who do not receive the regular EUMETSAT newsletter 'Image' -
FOC from EUMETSAT, the November issue had a 4 page MSG Special Report.
Part of which was 'EUMETCast comes of age.'

The article concluded with thoughts I aired on these groups for some time

'The EUMETCast system offers great flexibility, including the option for
expansion of the services offered through the addition of other meteorological
data streams such as DWDSAT from Deutscher Wetterdienst. With this in mind
EUMETCast has the potential of
developing into a meteorological data distribution system for Europe.

One of the systems strengths is that all the data can be received with a
single EUMETCast reception system, thus greatly simplifying the
required user infrastructure, while the user station itself utilises purely
off-the-shelf components and is significantly cheaper than the specially
developed systems traditionally used.'

Music to our ears?

John Tellick.

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