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Eric Wosten <pa3cev@...>

Hi guys,

I'm on board now, :-)), my RX system works utilizing a W2K PC(PIII 866/512Mb) and for data managing a XPpro machine, 1 Gb, PIV 2,6 GHz.
Dish is a 78 cm TRIAX, LNC is a Philips.

The PC's are connected thru a 10/100Mbit switch.
They are also other servers, Linux and Netware on this physical network, without any problems.

Although everything seems to work I do have some problems which I can't solve on my own.

First problem is that it takes a long time before the received directory (on the W2k RX PC) is
"visible" on the XP machine. Yes, I did switch off mcAfee. When the dir is almost empty there
is no delay, with 2 Gb of data, it takes forever. The network/switch hardware are 100%. All cables
are OK. So it must be something I am overlooking in the setup of sharing this directory.

Second problem is that there is a lot of data which "stays" in the received dir, so my first problem
is worsening if I do not delete files by hand. I have NOT checked "keep raw data" boxes.

The automatic deleting of the jpg files works ok on the XPpro machine.

I did change the value of autodisconnect on thw w2k server to -1, so that's also fine.

Help is appreciated!


Eric Wosten PA3CEV

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