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The minimum value for any channel on MSG-1 is currently 51 (0..1023)
Looking closely at the 10 bit histogram on current HRIT images I
cannot detect this lower limit anymore. (it was there on the initial
image processing system IIPS)

If there was enough interest, the full ten bits could be delivered
in the Professional version of the MSG Data Manager. Most present-
day image formats and processing tools can only handle 8-bit
indeed they eye can only see about 6 bits.
Saving 10 bits would increase the needed storage space too !

It's great to hear the results of your experiments, but why do you
set the black level on these channels different to what is
transmitted (i.e. 51)?
I forgot to mention that I tweaked the ch1,2,3 values a bit to get a
good balance in the R3G2B1 False Colour images.
False Colour is a matter of taste, but I am very pleased with the new
settings (better than the values I used before).

Below are my Min/Max/Gamma values for FSD (except GOES9=8bit)


These values are chosen to maintain all info and spread it as best as
possible into the saved 256 greyscales.
Note that min150 is the Min value upperlimit, not the value I read on
the histogram !

Arne van Belle

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