Re: Missing segments


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Did anyone else just get gaps in the 1100 cycle, or do I have a
local defect?

Missing HRIT & LRIT segments report
Cycle: 1100
msg-ch03, seg: 6
msg-ch05, seg: 6
msg-ch07, seg: 6
msg-ch12, seg: 18 19

I also got a gap in the 1045 LRIT cycle which wasn't reported as a
missing segment (ch 3 seg 2), and may have therefore been one with
bad data.
David, have the same results, also the missing LRIT segment that is
not reported.
Strangely I have also HRIT 1045 ch9 seg 6 missing, although not
reported. Will dig into the TQ log to see what has happened!

But apart from the 1045 and 1100 slot no missing segments up to 2145.

Arne van Belle

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