Barry and others,

David and Douglas are right in their recent e-mail's regarding this matter.

Just to reiterate information I posted a month or so ago:

To access MSG-1 data via EUMETCast on Hot Bird 6 (apart from the equipment
required - which should be well known by now) you have to register with
for access to the data.

On the 'access registration form' you must state your use of the data.

At the moment (it appears) everyone who has applied to EUMETSAT have been
accepted in the current trials of the system and have been offered the
opportunity to purchase the tq(R)-TELLICAST software.

EUMETSAT have said they would like to offer credit card payment facilities
for this
but it is my understanding that this has to be agreed by the EUMETSAT Council
and then requires setting up.
This has not yet been done - 'Rome wasn't built in a day!'
[Therefore one must arrange a money transfer, still, as discussed (often) on

Having registered with EUMETSAT for access to the EUMETCast data, your
are then sent to your national Met. Office who deal with licensing matters -
that is
any payment charges for the data - which depends on your data usage.
They will also issue you with a license.
We in the UK through discussion and representation by RIG have been able to
a 'no charge for amateur use of MSG data' agreement from the UK Met. Office -
which we are very grateful.

This 'free access' is not necessarily the case in other European EUMETSAT
Member States.
However discussion has taken place between Member States Met. Offices
a common data access policy.
I don't want to jump the gun but I am quietly optimistic.

Also, there is a meeting of the EUMETSAT Council this month which I hope will
in all the loose ends and end some outstanding anomalies regarding licensing
access to MSG data via EUMETCast.

Issuing of the UK licenses has been delayed by these further dissuasions and
by the
move of the UK Met. Office from Bracknell to Exeter.
So don't panic!

Full encryption of the data will now be March 2004 so you will not need your
till then.
There is a small charge for it and the relevant software and before full
is introduced all registered users will be contacted in order to purchase USB

This cannot be purchased now and may require - if credit card facilities have
been set
up, another money transfer in the future.

I hope this sort of puts everything into place and answers most questions.

John Tellick.
RIG secretary.

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