Re: Skystar install

Ap van Weeren

Many tks David, have a try and let you know later.

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Hello, Can anybody give some advice how to install the
Skystar 2 TV- card. The computer doesn't find the
card, so it is impossible to install the drivers,
prior to the rest of the software. In the New hardware
set up is no :"B2C2 broadband Adapter".
Many thanks in advance.
Ap van Weeren, apvweeren@y... or avweeren@d...
Ap, all I can suggest is to try a different PCI slot. The card
requires a 5V slot (not a 3.3V one), so perhaps check your
motherboard manual. In the three PCs I've tested, detection has
been automatic. Perhaps you could try the "Scan for new hardware"


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