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I have been reading the topic about this technisat product, I think
achived to put it working. Can anybody give me any fast guide? The
soft is
totally different and the manual does not help to configure a multicast

Thanks in advance
Hi! sorry, I don't know your first name
I have just got this going really well, after some difficulty, so here
First you need the latest beta software
from here it is
well down the page. look for "TT-Media Center (15.05.2007)
Beta-Version (for 32bit and 64bit Windows XP, Vista)"
This is how I think I did it!
Install the software. The problem with the software on the disc is
that there is no network device, but there is on the Bets version. Set
the IP address on the network device to with a mask of and leave the rest blank.
In the Service Selection of the main dialog box of the software create
a new entry "Eumetcast" and delete all the others - the software will
not default to the selection so you have. you must have only one there
for it to be the default if you reboot.
Very Annoying!
Tuner Settings select 19.2 E Astra 1E and Fx of 10853000 with Symbol
Rate of 27500 and Horizontal Polarisation.
Then set the filters up using hex to 0x0064 0x012c 0x012d 0x012e
0x01f4 0x01fd 0x01fe.
On the Setup Tab you want to go into the LNB settings and in the
DiSEqC select the DiSEqC 1.0 button, Sending select via Inputrange and
the LNB1 as above and .............. Bingo you should have a good
signal. Mine reads 100% quality and 89% signal strength. I am in the
depths of West Cork, Ireland, near Mizen Head with a view across
Dunmannus Bay into the Atlantic. Great for weather here!

Hope this helps


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