Re: New Skystar USB Plus Box (USB2) - Any Experiences?


Hi all, about this old message,

Could Someone give me some steps to configure the eumetcast reception
for the usb plus from technisat? It is totally different!.

Thanks and regards.

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In other words, give it a miss.

Cheers, Guy

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Hello Bernd,

I have been testing a Technotrend Connect S2400 USB2.0 box for
now. This one is identical to the Skystar USB Plus. The drivers
developed by Technotrend, even on the Skystar version !
But Technisat is way behind with driver updates, their latest is
1072. This driver does not install properly and warns at every
that my USB port is not 2.0 compatible (it really is !)
Only the latest BDA1075 driver from Technotrend solves these
Unfortunately you cannot interchange the drivers between
and Technisat because of different hardware ID.

To make a long story short, after 4 driver updates it does handle
full EUMETCast data stream now. Even the high volume MetOp AVHRR
and IASI
But compared to the Technisat Skystar2 PCI I notice higher CPU
(must be the extra USB layer).

Drawbacks of the USB2.0 box
- Driver works only on windows XP SP2, you have to install the
complete package including TV viewer to get the data service
- You have to enter all transponder parameters and PIDs once as
EUMETCast service is not pre-configured.
- Tools like SkyDSL_status, bs2status, b2settuner don't work on
receivers. So no signal quality statistics with MRTG.
- Signal quality readout is always 100%, Signal level reads as
88%, no
Signal to Noise or BER readout.

The good thing is that I have never seen it loose lock after
transponder glitches or rain fades so you don't need "retuning"
signal loss.

Arne van Belle

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> Hello,
> I am using a Skystar USB 1.1 Box for Eumetcast reception.
> about a change to the new USB 2 Box after having Problems with
> simultaneous reception of MSG and Metop Data. Presumably due to
> limitations of the USB 1.1 Standart. Has anybody any
experiences with
> this new box? How about Driver and all this.
> Thank you for your answers
> Bernd

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