probleme eumetcast


Hello to all
Sorry for the delay
I changed PC to make operate the System EumetCast

Type of processor: Intel Pentium 4, 3000 MHzs (15 x 200)
Name of the motherboard: MSI MS-7042
Chipset of the motherboard: VIA Apollo P4X533/PT800/PT880
Type of BIOS: Award (03/02/05)
Name of the motherboard MSI MS-7042
Hard disk: WDC WD1600LB-55EDA0 (149 Go, IDE)
Ram: DDR-1 1,5 Gi

The system functions very well, even with only one hard disk
and without RAMdisk.

I look in opportunity for a P4 simple heart in socket 775 to replace mine on the
PC that doesn't function.

Thank you to all for your help, especially in Arne van Belle and David Taylor

my regards and good day


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