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Interesting stuff from OPS. A new format for you to wrestle with David
for the IODC (MET 5) relay! And hopefully we are going to find the UK
Met office willing to supply us with a licence for the dongles.

Incidentally I have managed to find an application which does interrupt
MSG ingestion and processing - tired running a parallel port zip drive
today. The whole thing snarled up and lost lots of segments.


James Brown

Very interesting mail. I think the OpenMTP format has already been cracked
as I know GSS 4 can deal with those files from Eumetsat's RSS Archive. So
hopefully not too much work for David.
I have had no word yet either from the Met Office but there is still plenty
of time. Hope it goes smoothly !
I thought printing from the parallel port would be a problem for me (old
printer so no USB option) but surprisingly I can print without any troubles
to the data.


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