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Modular Railroading in the Upper Midwest

The Minnesota Free-mo Modelers is an open association of model railroaders who construct, operate and display modular HO- and N-scale model railroads in and around the Twin Cities, Minnesota area. Our modules conform to the Free-mo standard. Free-mo modules are "free" to take on many shapes and sizes, and they emphasize prototypical operations and realistic scenery. 

We have been operating since July, 2004. Individual members build their own small or large modules suiting their own interests. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in the Free-mo concept. We are not a club in the traditional sense, but rather an association of modelers building to the HO and N-scale Free-mo standards. There are no dues and no elected club officers. 

Occasional commercial posts are acceptable here, but only if the products are specifically targeted at HO or N Free-mo modules. Notices of local rail events are welcome.

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