Re : Re: [MMTTY-SB-RTTY] 7610

yvan skopek

I tested N1MM, it is very complicated there are too much « bells and whistles », config for each contest look like a marathon....
In UCX Log nothing to config, only the drive for backup automatic... I use it about 20 years...

Le samedi, mai 9, 2020, 00:22, Larry Stowell K1ZW <wa2fif@...> a écrit :

To everybody that assisted

I got it working, I wanted to get mmty working as a stand alone first. than sue it with another

logging program.

All of the videos jump right into N1MM+ (not my favorite) use to use it back in day, before

the plus.

Anyway thanks again

73 Larry K1ZW

On 5/6/2020 12:20 PM, Jamie WW3S wrote:
google K0PIR, he has a good video on his site....

On May 6, 2020, at 9:06 AM, Larry Stowell K1ZW <wa2fif@...> wrote:

I would think that somebody on the list has an IC-7610 and is using MMTTY I can't my setup to xmitt. Receives fine.
Windows 10. I'm wondering if they would share their settings?

73 Larry K1ZW