moderated Name Change #chat

John AC8JW

A new chat has been created:

"I am proposing to change the name of our group to   The current name was brought over from the Yahoo and is visible in the header on the Yahoo page.  In any event, Doing this created a lot confusion which Hank has tried to clear up.  The old Yahoo name as has been stated is in use by another group and not available.  I will change the name to   Your membership will not change but the email and posting address will. So you may need to change any bookmarks you have set up or links to other programs. 

Hopefully this will calm things a bit and make the move a little less confusing.  Groups.IO offers many features that Yahoo did not have.  I think we will like the new home"

The above message is being sent out to all members and will be cross posted on the old Yahoo group.   Let me know ;your thoughts on this.

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