Intermittent diddling problem

Martin Danfer

Hello All,

I'm having problems with my TX signal which appears to have intermittent diddles.
I changed radio etc a while ago and have not used RTTY since then.
I have an FTDX5000MP, Microkeyer2, and using MMTTY engine within Logger32.
The Microkeyer works for phone, CWWinkeyer and a setup for FT8.

I can decode RTTY fine, but when I mouse click on one of the buttons in the lower half of the MMTTY software, the monitored audio does not sound correct. Also, no one replies to me! The display on front of the Microkeyer2 displays a couple of correct letters when sending my call, perhaps the CT or the M0, although sometimes just the M and sometimes nothing at all. I had things working nicely with my previous radio, FT1000MP with homebrew interface. The FT5000 and Microkeyer are new to the current setup.
The monitored audio is not a continuous tone, It has a diddle sound (alternating frequency?) , but only the occasional familiar sound when it manages to send a correct character. 
I'd be very grateful for any ideas of what to check please. I shall only be able to look at any replies once or twice a day, so shall not be able to reply instantly.

Thank you and 73,
Martin M0BCT