Re: 590SG, Winkeyer3 and MMTTY

Rick Ellison

Back a year or so ago Oba released a file (TinyFSK.fsk) that would allow MMTTY work with the TinyFSK device by adding his file into the MMTTY directory. This would also work with the Mortty device as it uses the same setup as the TinyFSK device. At that time it was released I tried using the Winkey device as it’s RTTY implementation is based off the TinyFSK but I could not get the Winkey to key the radio correctly. When using my TinyFSK device it does allow MMTTY to key the radio in FSK and it decodes RTTY signals thru the radios usb codec.


73 Rick N2AMG


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Subject: Re: [MMTTY-SB-RTTY] 590SG, Winkeyer3 and MMTTY


MMTTY does not support hardware FSK keying devices, whether the TU or TNC type that was around when MMTTY was originally written (PK-232, KAM, HAL DXP-38, HAL ST-6000, etc.) or the newer transmit-only devices like TinyFSK, nanoIO, WInkeyer 3, etc. The original intent of MMTTY was to eliminate the need for any of these devices by using the computer's sound card and serial ports in their place.

Note that when using a device like the Winkeyer 3, you will also need some means to demodulate RTTY signals on receive. One way to do that is to use MMTTY as a receive-only demodulator (this is the method normally used with N1MM+).

This has nothing to do with the choice of radio, except that to use any FSK keying device, the radio must have an FSK keying input.

Rich VE3KI

On Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 11:50 PM, Greg Engle wrote:

I’m confused!


Winkeyer  supports RTTY? I just looked at the “Applications that support WinKeyer 3” and MMTTY isn’t on that list. So I suspect Stand Alone use is probably not an option.


But then again, I’m not a 590SG user.





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Subject: [MMTTY-SB-RTTY] 590SG, Winkeyer3 and MMTTY


Good Afternoon All,

Have any of you 590SG users been able to interface the K1EL WKUSB Winkeyer3 with MMTTY for stand alone Use with True FSK RTTY?  Now before this opens Pandora's box with FSK / AFSK being the center point, I am just trying to find out if what I am trying to do has or can be done...without all of the discussion of FSK vs AFSK. 

I have been able to integrate N1MM/MMTTY with the above combination for Contest configuration, but I am being told that the transmitted signal is I am not sure if the configuration is actually working or if something is still amiss. I know that what I am trying to do can be done with a Navigator, but I don't want to give up on the Winkeyer3's just yet...and I still have a MORTTY to try configuring as well with a TS480SAT.

I would be Most Appreciative if someone would be willing to share their success of integrating a 590SG, Winkeyer3 and MMTTY as a stand alone, RTTY rag-chew type setup...Preferably with True FSK. I'm not too concerned with a contest type configuration.

Thanks and 73,
Danny  NF4J



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