Re: Yaesu FT-891---->SingnaLink USB---->MMTTY RTTY


MMTTY doesn't really use CAT (or CI-V ICOM) commands. And as far as I can tell the FT891 doesn't do true FSK. It's predecessor, the 857 didn't either. Plenty of radios from the 1980s and 90s do. Looks like the USB port on the 891 replaces the CAT jack on the 857. Too bad Yeasu didn't do the same thing that ICOM did when they added the USB port on the IC7100 (and other models) by adding a sound card chip in the radio. So in your case, the best way to use MMTTY is through the DATA jack. And don't bother to buy the optional cable for it. It's a PS/2 jack. Cut the cable off a PS/2 mouse and wire it into an RJ45 jack for your Signal Link. Once you have this cable made and your Signal Link jumpered for it, you'll find it will work with a slew of other radios without reconfiguring the Signal Link. That jack is a Packet Standard and every manufacturer that uses it wires them EXACTLY the same way. I use my Signal link that way on my IC7000, IC7100 and my friend's FT857 without the need of swapping jumpers. Works the same way on my RigBlaster after I modified it to use the DATA OUT pin for pass through of the radio's audio rather than using the external speaker jack. And once you get it working with MMTTY, it will work with DigiPan, MMSSTV, HRD, MixW and a bunch of other Digi programs...

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