Re: Yaesu FT-891---->SingnaLink USB---->MMTTY RTTY

Joe Dempster

Hi Paul,  my email is joe.dempster@gmail.  I could send you some screen shots of my MMTTY setup if needed.  MMTY Profile is MMTY default

FT-891: MTTY TX does key the 891.  AFC is on, but at this time no CAT connect to the 891.  Can I add a USB link from my PC to the 891 to do this in addition to my SignaLink USB cable to the 8 pin round RTTY/DATA port to add CAT control?
It looks like  MMTY can send FSK or AFSK.  I am not sure how I set up one or another, or if that is even necessary.

Here are the settings I have:  891 RTTY on in MODE SELECT (which causes my A frequency to display R-L).  My RTTY settings on the 891 are 11-05 MIC SELECT REAR, 11-07 AUTO,  RTTY menu 10-0x: 10-01 LCUT FREQ 500Hz, 10-02 LCUT SLOPE 16dB/OCt, 10-03 HCUT FREQ 3000Hz, 10-04 HCUT SLOP 16dB/OCt, 10-05 SHIFT PORT SHIFT, 10-06 POLARITY-R NOR, 10-07 POLARITY-T NOR, 10-08 OUT LEVEL 50, 10-09 SHIFT FREQ 170Hz, 10-10 MARK FREQ 2125Hz, 10-11 BFO LSB

73 Joe K2EVK

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