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MMRCG - The Midwest Military Radio Collector’s Group represents an informal group of individuals that share a common interest in the collection, restoration, operation, and free exchange of information pertaining to military radio and related equipment.   Our intention is the group will be loosely structured, with membership consisting of those who participate, whether in person at events, on the air, or via the MMRCG board.  Success of this group depends on participation so please watch this board for announcements and future news regarding nets and activities.  

The Website is up and running!
The website is currently a work in progress and will be evolving as time permits.  Suggestions, article contributions, photos and links are all encouraged and welcome.  Have an idea? - Tell us about it!

The nets listed below are a great way to demo your latest restoration project "on-air", confirm a repair or just enjoy a treasure in your collection.  There's a vast wealth of knowledge in our membership base, and we all benefit from the preservation of this historic technology.

Nightly 02:00Z, 7296.0 kHz - 40M USB Net

Nightly 03:00Z, (seasonal) 3996.0 kHz - 75M USB Net 

Nightly 04:00Z, (seasonal) 1996.0 kHz - 160M USB Net

Tu/Th/Sat Noon, EST 5357.0 kHz USB - MRCA Moose & Squirrel Cold War Net

Wed 03:00Z, (seasonal) 3996.0 kHz USB - Weekly 75M Rolling Net MRCA/MMRCG/West Coast Military Radio Group
Wed 08:00 PST, 3996.0 kHz USB - West Coast Military Radio Group 75M Net
Sat 05:00 EST, 3885.0 kHz AM - Old Military Radio Net

Sat 09:00 CST, 7296.0 kHz USB/AM - MMRCG Saturday Morning 40M Net

Sun 21:00 EST, 3570.0 kHz CW - Old Military Radio Net
Sat 20:00 PST, 3885.0 kHz AM - MRCG West Coast Military Radio Net

Coming Soon -

Milpack / HFPack Calling Frequencies - 
3996.0 USB, 5357.0 USB, 7296.0 USB, 14342.5 USB, 18157.5 USB, 29.4 FM, 51.0 FM


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