Updated Simplex Plan #announcement


Hello RF Friends,
I am Chuck Digby KB0TOT/EM28 aka Kansas City. I have been active in amateur radio communications for a long time. I have been more active in emergency communications and disaster response. I have seen many things take place in my lifetime. Ham radio has in many ways changed the way we live during this time. I have experienced many failures and emergencies firsthand. I am currently living in a time that ham radio is losing many areas of land that in the past had radio coverage and with this a major movement of population movement. This combined with a big mega repeater development is taking up what few local coverage repeaters, creating new large voids. I have developed this plan with the help of quite a few hams and military communication operators. I offer this to fill in the voids and have put this together so it can be easily used by most hams. In no way am I asking you to scrap your current area working plan. Think of this as if you're using your TV to watch a favorite TV program. You will know the day, time, and channel to go to. Tell your group of friends about this and send them the attached PDF.


Chuck Digby -- KB0TOT