Tropospheric Ducting

K9KWG Curtis


I was driving in to work this morning and when I hit a relatively high elevation (on 840 maybe a mile or two before the I-40 junction), I had another FM commercial (music) radio station broadcast over top of what I was listening to on the radio (92.9).  I am confident the interfering station was a commercial radio station (it was playing commercials), but I couldn't make out any information as to location since they were both coming in overtop of eachother.

As a new HAM, this got me wondering if I was experiencing tropospheric ducting or some other cause.  I did look at a tropospheric ducting forecast when I got to work, and it looks like that may have been the case.

Has anyone experienced any tropospheric ducting on amateur radio this morning?  Does it seem likely this is what was happening?

Curtis K9KWG