Radio: Out of Thin Air

Paul Spurlock

Story TV (local OTA Ch44-7) is replaying some History Channel series "Modern Marvels". "Radio: Out of Thin Air" started at 1400 CST for 1 hour. It will repeat at: 2200 today and again at 0600 tomorrow, 03dec22.

Web site:

Tnx to Vic, K4SSD for the heads up

73, PaulĀ  WA4FHY

KK5S Carey

Of course I just missed it. But I did a little searching, just in case anyone else wanted to see it. If you have a streaming service, such as PHILO, you can watch old episodes on demand. The History Channel lists it as season 3 episode 2, but IMDB lists it as season 3 episode 6. Enjoy.