Robertson/Montgomery Counties' DMR machines


This from Paul Fulk AC4CM:

The RoCo MoCo Repeater Club carries the call AD4RM ( RoCo ) Robertson County ( MoCo ) Montgomery County repeater club abd has 3 digital repeaters in robertson county.

145.190 -0.600 mhz. offset DMR Talkgroup 311404 Color code 4 Brandmeister servers Robertson county
442.900 +5.00 mhz. offset DMR Talkgroup 311354 Color code 4 Brandmeister servers Robertson County.
441.875 + 5.00 MHZ. offset Fusion YSF and the AD4RM 028050 Server is in Europe well is is a reflector operation set for worldwide connections.
444.325 + 5.00 MHZ. offset DMR Talkgroup 310286 Color code 4 Brandmeister servers Montgomery County Carries the Call K4VL and is owned by Robert Forest K4VL and the 2 repeaters 442.900 and 444.325 are networked together on the internet on slot 1.

All the DMR repeaters run both slots ( 1 & 2 ). We try to keep the local chit chat on slot 1 for all 3 DMR machines and the DX stuff on Slot 2.

Both slots can run at the same time with no interruption's in conversations.
Hope to hear you on the air!!

Mt. Juliet