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I'll start with an introduction since this is my first email to the group - I'm Colin KO4JZT, 17 years old currently operating out of the Forest Hills/Belle Meade area of Nashville. In exactly a week, I will have been an Amateur Operator for 1 full month!

Last night I purchased all of the parts I need to build a handheld tape measure Yagi antenna, but I am hoping to reuse some old coax cabling I have from TV installations. The purpose of the antenna is to do satellite communications with my Baofeng UV-5R, and so I've been on the hunt for an adapter to be able to use this coax. I'm looking for a F Type Male to SMA Female adapter, but have had no luck finding anything online so far. Any recommendations would be very helpful!



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Colin, Welcome to the group and congrat's on getting your license. Not sure of the design you are using but don't forget that TV coax is 75 ohm and not 50 ohm. That's part of why you are having difficulty finding the connectors you describe. The connectors are for two different applications. I've bought a few assortments of adapters from Amazon myself, but I don't have any for an SMA to F-Type.

You might be better off just getting a pre-made short jumper (RG8X) and cutting one end off for your Yagi feed end, to go with the adapter that John recommended on the other end. OR if you are really good at "microscopic" soldering :-) you can find some jumpers or extension cables with the SMA connectors and do the same thing but you would eliminate the adapter. It just too small for me to see anymore to work with the small stuff. 

I'll give you some advice that before you spend a lot of money on accessories for the Baofeng, put the money for that aside and save for an inexpensive mobile that you can use both at home and mobile. I've got a drawer full of "cool" stuff I bought that didn't cost must but when I add it all up I could have spent that more wisely for something else ham radio. I've even got a window mount for an HT antenna outside to use the UV5R inside the truck before I decided which mobile I wanted to buy.

Good luck trying to chase the satellites


KO4JZT Colin

Hi everyone, thanks for the all the replies.

WY4G - I took a look at the selection DX Engineering had and sadly didn't see anything towards what I'm looking for. 

KJ4JZI - Thanks for sharing the Amazon link. I might take a look into W4TFZ's idea of using that adapter and a short jumper.

W4TFZ - Thank you for the congratulations and the response. Here's the instructions I'm following for the build: Like you said, the connectors are definitely for two different applications and my goal of trying to repurpose materials from around the house may not work out quite as well as I had hoped :D. As I mentioned above, I'll take a look into your idea of using an RG8X jumper and the adapter. I might be able to do some precision soldering - but I haven't done it in years so I'm not sure how well that would go.

On the topic of the Baofeng, I'm actually working on a mobile setup too! I was gifted a TYT MD-9600 DMR mobile with a power supply and mag mount antenna for Christmas this year around. Right now, I've been trying to debug some issues with the codeplug software and figure out what the best route for an antenna setup would be, but I've already been surprised about the power of a cheap mobile setup with just running it outside. I may also be falling prey to Gear Acquisition Syndrome - I keep looking at some better HTs to get on top of the Baofeng and the MD-9600 😂. 

Wish you all luck with your future endeavors as well, thanks for the advice and hope to hear you on the bands soon.