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I just noticed that the Hustler is 7 dBd and the Diamond X700 is 9.3 dBi.  Since dBd is 2.15 more than dBi they are specified only .15 different yet the Hustler is much shorter.  Then in another place the Hustler G7-144 is rated 9.15 dBi, who really knows?  Maybe just the Shadow!


On 11/23/2019 11:54 PM, K4PEW Paul Wieloszynski wrote:
See this Hustler 2m vertical that is half the cost of the X700 but has a 7 dbi gain vs the X700's 9.3

I kind of wish I had one in order to test how good it gets out.
Hope to hear you on the air!!

Mt. Juliet

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