Re: Now: Simplexton Digital Net for DMR, C4FM & D-Star Modes - 07/02/2022 #cal-notice

KK5S Carey

John, why not add the events to your e-calendar just like any other appointment? I have reminders loaded for the nets I participate in, with the frequency data in "location" box. I still miss a lot of nets for various reasons but it helps me to do it that way.
Since you have a business signature on your email I assume that you use outlook, iCalendar, goggle calendar, or some other similar program. I use outlook both at home and at work, been doing that for over 20 years now, started that back when outlook was free on every computer that you bought. I just can't get outlook to understand "the second and fourth Saturday of the month" for the breakfast. That's what my wife is for...... :-) 

Hope that suggestion help for remembering, I can't help on the digital radio programming.


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