Re: First Mobile! Now what? #antennas #general

KK5S Carey

Lots of options Chris, Mostly will be your personal preference, but one thing to research a little is the power connection to the battery. I don't know about the 2010 but on my 2015 there is a technical bulletin that tells you where to connect under the hood to prevent battery drain. I found this info under stereo installations on one of the F150 forums. Apparently on some of the newer Fords if you connect both leads directly to the battery instead of the connection points it will drain you battery overnight even if your radio is off. Just something to check out. But do NOT connect your radio to the fuse box in the cab like we did in the old days for a CB.

I have the same type antennae mount as you first preference on my truck. I have a different radio, but I have the body installed under the dash and the remote head installed on the dash above the brake controller.  Mine was designed to mount on top of the dash and so its modified to work on the vertical surface instead of horizontal. You are welcome to look at my install if you would like. My set up will be changing soon so I'll be using different components then. I'm having problems with my cheap 2M so Its time to go ahead and move the IC706 to the truck and find something else for VHF/UHF in the house. I've just got to find that "round to it".... I know if around here somewhere.

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