Equipment for sale

KK5S Carey

I have my eye on a different set up so I need to sell what I have to fund a new rig. 

#1 Icom IC718 - 10M - 160M works fine looks like new, in box $450.00 Great starter HF radio. This was my first radio. These are still in production and still supported by Icom.

#2 Yaesu FT847 with matching FC20 tuner - 70CM - 160M shack in a box. $700.00  This rig works great. This has been my main radio. The only issue is that the display is slightly off frequency from the actual transmit/receive frequency. It was this way when I bought it, but I wasn't told that up front. It's not bad and I just learned to adjust. I have a list so I can keep up with what I'm off on each band. I just don't have the equipment to do an alignment. 2M & 70CM FM are dead on. Otherwise depending on the band it's 50 - 500 HZ off.  Just stay off the band edges. :-)

#3 Icom IC 706MkIIG package - $1250.00 - (edit: price reduced) I have more than this in it. I decided not to go HF mobile, at least for the time being, so here is what's included below. I want to sell this as a complete package, so I won't sell any of the hard to find, and expensive, mounts or cables unless I sell the radio first. All brackets and cable are new old stock, most still in original boxes.
a) IC706 MkIIG 70 cm - 160 M I bought it from HRO and I  had it factory aligned by ICOM last fall and given a clean bill of health - I've been using this one lately for everything. I have the box for this one but someone cut off the flap on one end, Probably the original owner.
b) IT100 LDG Tuner
c) MB62 mobile mounting bracket
d) MB63 display mount bracket
e) MB65 Display mount - requires MB63
f) OPC-581 separation cable 
g) CF706 antenna splitter designed specifically for this radio when used mobile
h) Comet - UHV-6 mobile antenna cover 70cm, 2M, & 6M without coils. Come from the factory with 40M, 15M, and 10M coils. Can do up to 5 bands mobile, more if sitting still and guyed. New in package.


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