Re: I tried to check in…

AC9IM Steve

Please send a pic of the antenna to my email. Ac9imsteve@...

On Monday, November 15, 2021, KO4KJX-Jamie Lilly <jlilly@...> wrote:
Hi Steve. The antenna is a 1/4 wave whip, mounted onto a ground spike with 12 radials… so right at ground level. I could hear all of the check-ins, although some not too clearly. I use the same mount with a 20m whip with good results.

On Nov 14, 2021, at 10:17 PM, AC9IM Steve <AC9IMsteve@...> wrote:

What kind of vertical and how high above the ground is the antenna Jamie?

On Sunday, November 14, 2021, KO4KJX-Jamie Lilly <jlilly@...> wrote:
Hi Michael.
I tried to check in tonight on the 10m net, but I guess no one could hear me. I was just running 10w on my IC705 into a ground mounted vertical. I’ll try again later with more power. Thanks for doing the net.
Jamie KO4KJX from Bethpage / Sumner county

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